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Mission Statement

To be a global leader and collaborator in the science of soccer medicine focused on research, education and athlete care.

The Professional Soccer Physicians’ Society is composed of member physicians that provide specialty medical care to professional soccer players in Major League Soccer and other professional organizations. The team physicians are comprised of board certified Orthopedics and Primary Care Sports Medicine. Additional allied healthcare professionals assist in providing the highest quality of care to the world’s best athletes.

Our goal is to share our experiences and expertise so that every soccer player has access to the best medical care available. Our organization strives to promote research that will lead to improved injury prevention and enhanced treatment of soccer injuries. Our intent is to establish the MLS Medical Symposium as an annual meeting for sharing our knowledge, encourage networking opportunities, and deliver a premier educational experience for individuals or organizations interested in medical care of the soccer player. Finally, our website and its contents will be utilized to help promote our efforts and provide a resource to those that are interested in our organization.